Matte Black Wick Trimmer Wick Dipper and Wick Snuffer

Lengthen the Life of Your Candle

Have you ever wondered why your candle flame is to high or why you can only smell your candle some of the time? JP & Co. is here to help. Throughout this blog share we will cover best tips and tricks to prolong and enjoy the life of your favorite candle.


Tip Number 1:
Our first tip is one you may have read or heard about before and that’s due to its importance.
Please, Trim. Your. WICK! Before every use you should trim your candle’s wick to a total length between 1/8” to no more than ¼”. This matters because it will prevent the flame from being high and potentially burning off the fragrance oil. A wick that is left untrimmed may also result in overheating, which can cause the vessel to crack or break entirely. We highly recommend investing in our Candle Care Kit, or at the very least, a quality Wick Trimmer.

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