JP & Co. for the Common Good

We take our responsibility as a business seriously. When you shop with JP & Co. you are doing more than choosing a beautiful new candle to give as a gift or for your home. We are here to serve you and protect natural resources needed for survival.

We are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, from our coconut apricot wax and provisioners who take great care in ethically sourcing their crop, to our creations reaching your doorstep. Our provisioners only ship via offset CO2 transportation, just like us. A great example of some offsets we support are wind farms that provide clean energy and reforestation which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It takes an abundance of time to research the provisioners we partner with in depth. We also heavily explore the ingredients we use, the wrap we ship in and our carbon footprint before releasing a new creation. What is a carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization or product. Greenhouse gases include the carbon-containing gases carbon dioxide and methane. These gasses can be released by burning fossil fuels, clearing land, manufacturing goods, wood, roads, buildings, transportation, producing and consuming food, along with many other services.


We are committed to being carbon neutral. What exactly is 'carbon neutral'? It is defined as having a net zero carbon footprint, referring to the achievement of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether. In order to achieve this goal we work with suppliers who care for and respect our natural resources. We partner with Offset, who helps organizations remain carbon neutral or carbon negative, by donating to a part of our profit to offset our total carbon emissions. Our supply partners do this as well through other programs. By operating this way, we maintain sustainability throughout the creation and delivery of our candles.

Our wrapping materials are also recyclable. The candle jars we use have been selected for up-cycling to storage containers or glassware.

Overall, we're pretty into doing and being more than just another candle company. We want to sustain the environment for all of our futures and provide you with high-quality, luxurious home candles at the same time.