Lengthen the Life of Your Candle

Lengthen the Life of Your Candle

Have you ever wondered why your candle flame is to high or why you can only smell your candle some of the time? JP & Co. is here to help. Throughout this blog share we will cover best tips and tricks to prolong and enjoy the life of your favorite candle.


Tip Number 1:
Our first tip is one you may have read or heard about before and that’s due to its importance.
Please, Trim. Your. WICK! Before every use you should trim your candle’s wick to a total length between 1/8” to no more than ¼”. This matters because it will prevent the flame from being high and potentially burning off the fragrance oil. A wick that is left untrimmed may also result in overheating, which can cause the vessel to crack or break entirely. We highly recommend investing in our Candle Care Kit, or at the very least, a quality Wick Trimmer.


Tip Number 2:

Please, please, please, do not burn your candle for longer than recommended. We encourage burning your candles from anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. Most candles are not capable of burning for more than 4 hours without the risk of danger. This is one of the reasons we believe it’s important to keep more than one candle of the same scent around at all times. Could you imagine running out of your favorite Cold Nights candle? We would be devastated.

If you took our advice from Tip Number 1 and ordered a Candle Care Kit, don’t worry, extinguishing your candle will be much easier. JP & Co.’s Candle Care Kit comes with a Candle Snuffer and Wick Dipper, giving you a choice on how to ‘lock the door and turn the lights down low.’

Tip Number 3:
Burn your candles on and in safe spaces. Nobody wants to experience the lack-of-shock from a fireman who hoses down half of your home because a candle was left close to a window treatment. Only burn your candles on heat resistant surfaces and never leave them burning unattended. Remember, nobody likes to play with fire more than children or pets, so keep your burning candles out of their reach.


Tip Number 4:

Stay away from drafts. Everyone likes a solid bit of air flow, but devilish candles thrive on it. Candles paired with drafts love to dance around, only give off a bit of scent here and there plus may even cause something calling tunneling. In our experience the best way to combat a draft is with the use of a decorative Hurricane or Lantern. Hurricanes and Lanterns are wonderful for indoor and outdoor spaces where a draft is nearly unavoidable. These decorative objects may add flair to your space and be a great conversational piece as well.



Tip Number 5:

This may seem like a contradiction compared to Tip Number 2, but it’s also important to burn your candle long enough. If you extinguish your candle (see Tip Number 3) before the entire top has evenly melted, you may create what is called ‘tunneling’. This can cause an array of issues from shortening the life of your candle to ending the candles ability to burn altogether.

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