Are you interested in being a part of the JP & Co. retailer network? We offer our creations at wholesale pricing to qualified business partners. Utilize the tools below to curate an assortment of our crafts for your space.


If you are looking for white labeling, use the contact form below. Please provide as much detail as possible in the contact form. A member of our Candle Creator team will reach you as soon as possible. Take note that JP & Co. has a $500 opening order minimum and $250 required 1 time re-order minimum for all White Label orders.



JP & Co. products are sold at a retail price or MSRP established by the brand. We reserve the right to decline orders from any retailer selling below MSRP or through third parties not authorized by the brand. All of our partners automatically acknowledge and agree to the MAPP upon placing their first order. Details of the MAPP are available at request or will be provided with your first completed order.

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