About Us


JP & Co.'s founder, Joseph Tyler Pierce, is from the small town of Union Springs, Alabama. At a young age, JP moved to Auburn, Alabama where he grew up. His childhood was filled with family, friends, wide open fields and country living. As JP grew older, he expanded his horizons in Denver, Colorado and began his career in the luxury industry. He explored beautiful landscapes and built everlasting, life-altering relationships while in Denver. From Denver, with a few pit-stops in between, he rooted into the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, Georgia with his life-partner. It was here that our business was born.


JP & Co. started as an explorational hobby. Our founder began experimenting with the art of candle creation during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. As candles brought him peace during that difficult time—as they do for many of us—JP found himself torn between his love of luxury scents and his dedication to the environment. Turning over his beloved candle, he found a warning sticker that dictated possible harmful effects to sea creatures, the air, and more. Troubled, JP envisioned a more sustainable way to experience home candles. Constant innovation and experimentation are at the heart of our candles. Our creator imagines new blends by drawing inspiration from people who have impacted his life and the beautiful places he has been. He expertly transforms emotions, memories, and landscapes into scents, pouring them into luxurious candles for you to enjoy. 

All JP & Co. products are hand crafted by specially trained JP & Co. Candle Creators at our Candle Studio in Union Springs, Alabama. We make everything in small batches to ensure premier quality and use only ethically-sourced American materials. JP & Co. are made from coconut wax and ship in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. We're committed to maintaining carbon neutrality, from our partnered suppliers all of the way to your doorstep. Read more about our mission under our page “JP & Co. for the Common Good.” For us, luxury does not come at the cost of the environment, nor that transcendent moment when your home is warmed by exquisite scents. You can, it turns out, have it all . . . at least with our candles.

We aren't simply another candle company. JP & Co. aims to do more than fill your home with unique aromas. We want to be at your table, whether it be to offer comfort or to light up a celebration. Welcome to our family.