Candle Care

JP & Co. curates exclusive handcrafts in America with ethically sourced coconut apricot wax and cotton wicks. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

It is critical to learn proper candle care so you may enjoy memorable experiences with JP & Co.. Below you will learn how to properly trim your candles wick, extinguish its flame and several other candle care tips.

Make sure that your candle always sits on a protected surface. It is important to protect valuable surfaces from the possibility of heat stress.

The first time you light your candle you must allow it to burn long enough that the top layer of wax is completely melted. By doing this you will ensure an even burn each time you use your candle.

When snuffing out your candle it is best to quickly apply the jar lid so that smoke does not enter the air and disrupt the scent.

Candles must be kept trimmed to 1/4" before each burn. Keeping your candle trimmed will help you avoid smoking and overheating. It is never wise to burn a candle when the wick is below 1/4" as this may drown your wick. 

Do not burn candles for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time or if there is 1/4" or less of wax left.