Up-Cycle your Candle Jar!

Up-Cycle your Candle Jar!

As you all know by now, we just love our whiskey glasses!  Made in Ohio, all of your luxury candles come in this sturdy glass inspired by Mr. Ware, our founder’s partner.  He loves both bourbon and whiskey, and these were the perfect union of strength and mysterious-tavern whimsy—much like Mr. Ware!  But did you know that these are 100% fabulous for a good, old-fashioned up-cycle?

Oh yes.  In fact, glasses such as these can be reused for multiple purposes.  Properly cleaned and cleared of wax residue, they are the perfect home for spring daffodils on a brunch table, colored glass beads as statement piece in the lavatory, or even storage for smaller items.  Don’t forget to keep your reusable lid!

For the skivvy on how to properly clean our whiskey glasses, check out Martha Stewart’s detailed tutorial.  If the Queen of Taste and Luxury can up-cycle, so can you!  If you are considering using our whiskey glasses for their original purpose (hard to resist, I know), do assure that all traces of residue are 100% removed.*  

As we all work toward a smaller carbon footprint, we hope that you will join us in that effort.
One of the ways in which we strive to do so is to partner with like-minded businesses, such as Shopify, who are working to alleviate that carbon footprint in every step. Luxury should never come at the cost of our beautiful planet, so send us pictures of your up-cycled whiskey glasses for inspiration!  We would love to share these—after all, our customers are our family.  Well, that and: you obviously already have exquisite taste, don’t you?

For a wealth of fantastic up-cycle ideas, click HERE. 

As always,

*JP & Co. makes no claims on the safety of using our glasses for drinking purposes.

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