Increased Sustainability Efforts: 2021

Increased Sustainability Efforts: 2021

JP Candles Announces Increased Sustainability Efforts Alongside Re-Brand

Joseph Tyler Pierce is the founder and Creator of JP & Co. Each luscious composition of these candles draws inspiration from people who have impacted his life, as well as the Southern landscape that is home to his small business. JP & Co. actively curates unique aromas that share emotions and their stories, a premise that they invest in their brand and their operations.

All JP Candles are hand-poured in small batches from high caliber, ethically-sourced American materials. JP Candles are made from coconut wax and are transported in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. The company is committed to maintaining carbon neutrality, from their provisioners to the day of delivery.

Since April 2021, JP & Co. has sharpened their brand: they have modernized their labeling for easy “peel” removal, ensuring a higher chance of up-cycling their jars. In addition, the company has implemented a new wax blend that does not leave residue.  Further upgrades include new cotton wicks with no core, eliminating tab stickers for care-free wick removal and wooden lids to replace the metal of the past. Their shipping now utilizes recyclable paper tape, as well. These changes are the precursor to the upcoming jar recycling program, arriving this fall.

JP & Co. has partnered with Offset to support the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project. This project protects and promotes forest conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As a company committed to sustainability, JP & Co. has saved 116 phone charges and 917 miles of deliveries this year alone. In addition, they have helped to remove over 1 metric ton of CO2 and have preserved over 100 square feet of forest lands. They look forward to more than doubling that number by the close of the year. 

As a company dedicated to positive change, JP & Co. offers luxury candles that do not come at the expense of the environment. The last few months have brought the discovery of new scents, a deeper focus on sustainability, and invaluable experience for the future of the business. See more at:

About the Founder: Joseph Tyler Pierce is from the small town of Union Springs, Alabama and has spent his career in the luxury industry for over a decade. He now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband where he founded JP & Co. in 2020.



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