Hometown Who?

Hometown Who?

When Joseph Tyler Pierce was growing up in Union Springs, he learned early that pride in honest work mattered.  His parents, Donnie Pierce and Denise Moorer, instilled in his childhood the belief that  success lies in the balance between the care of community and staying true to one’s self.  From his time at Bullock Memorial Elementary as a child to his current career in the luxury business, Tyler has kept those intrinsic values as his guiding principles in entrepreneurship. 

Today, he continues to honor those small-town roots as the intrinsic values of JPcandles.  Founded in the spring of 2020, his company started as a hobby.  As candles brought him peace during that difficult time (as they do for many of us), Tyler found himself torn between his love of luxury aromas and his dedication to the environment.  From that moment, he has worked to create candles that consider nature, air quality, and sustainability—a move that was informed by his childhood in the forests and fields of Union Springs. Yet, perhaps the most formative force of his commitment to healthy ecology sprung from Tyler’s father, Donnie, who worked in the field of conservation in Bullock County.  His investment in the protection of soil, water, and trees was pivotal in Tyler’s understanding of the importance of our natural resources and continues to influence the daily operations of JPcandles, today.

Other members of Tyler’s family had a deep impact upon his vision for a small business.  One of his bestselling candles, “My Beautiful Rose,” echoes his mother’s own garden.  These roses flourish due to the water quality at her Union Springs home, born of a convergence of five natural springs fed by the Conecuh River.  Another candle, “Sweet Magnolia,” was inspired by his grandmother and her love of these native, iconic Southern trees.  From the paintings on her walls to the fragrant, snow-white blooms of her yard, Hester Bailey’s Magnolias are woven into Tyler’s childhood memories—and are now shared in one of his newest creations.  His grandmother’s influence didn’t end there: an entrepreneur, herself, Hester Bailey owned several small businesses in Union Springs throughout the years.  Her tenacious work ethic has been a compelling factor in Tyler’s life, as he remembers her drive and passion to get things done—and get them done right.

And then, there’s his grandmother, Maxine Pierce.  Also known as “Gram,” Maxine’s sweetness of spirit provided a sense of home and place in Tyler’s younger years, as well as now.  Her fig trees have been propagated and passed down through generations, originating from her own grandparent’s farm.  Tyler fondly remembers picking those figs together, as a family, on sunny July afternoons. As such, Maxine inspired the candle “Southern Fig,” a warm rendition of fig, cherry blossom and citrus reminiscent of an Alabama summer. It’s in these moments, in the bringing of memory and the heart of home to the forefront of his company, that Tyler continues to honor his family and hometown.     

Much like the motto of Bullock County, Tyler’s work is “Rooted in Tradition, Growing Towards the Future.” Union Springs would be proud to find the JP & Co. brand on the shelves of Sis & Moon's or Scout and Molly’s boutique in Alpharetta, Georgia . . . and more locations are on the way.  As autumn is right around the corner, Tyler is also stirring up a hand-poured fall collection to warm our hearts and light our tables.  His future plans for his business echo that of his small-town heritage: start with a dream, build it slow and steady, and trust in the merit of a good day’s work. 

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