Brunch, a Great Time of Day

Brunch, a Great Time of Day


Let’s talk about my favorite candle: Brunch.  If ever there was a candle that enraptures me and takes me back to a beautiful memory, this is it.  I was inspired by my hometown’s POTP* (Pride on the Plains) Sunday brunch events at the fabulous gastropub, Zazu.  Amongst LGBTQIA patrons and friends, I settled into the joy, warmth, and celebratory feel of late morning with a sparkling Mimosa in my hand.  When I look back to those moments, my coveted avocado toast on a shared table and the simple bliss of such dear company, I am transported.  These are the magical memories that inspired our candle, Brunch.

We have married the honey wisp of Mimosa blooms with the candied-citrus aroma of Mandarin.  When lit, the sunshiny feel of beloved brunches of years past imbues the room, leaving you longing for champagne bubbles and a well-crafted charcuterie board.  We hope it inspires you to gather, celebrate, and make more memories, too.

Of course, you can always keep it to yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with a little self-care, especially on a lazy Sunday. After all, that’s the charm of that special time between morning and afternoon: it simply begs for us to slow down, bask in the early rays of the day . . . and drink it all in.

Let’s Brunch!


*Out of love and admiration of the work that Pride on the Plains has done for our community, JPcandles has selected a portfolio of six nonprofits to gift a percentage of our sales.  One of those is POTP.  When you purchase your luxury candles, you can assure that you are a part of the greater good.  Thank you for being part of our family!

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